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Join our Hospitality Employee Database at Troop Employment

Troop Employment is all about providing staff for the regional hospitality industry.

Our team is born and bred in country Victoria with local knowledge of how seasonal businesses operate.

We support locals for local jobs and strive to find the perfect match, for you and your lifestyle, right within your community.

Job seekers, you have a voice with Troop Employment.

We understand that you need flexibility and security when finding the right match for your skills and your current circumstances.

When you register with us, you’ll be able to choose what type of business you wish to work, the type of job and position you’re looking for, and easily upload your photo, full resume, and where you are located.

We also provide an area for you to tell businesses a little more about yourself and your desires about what you are looking for with employment.

Our platform is also designed to send you email alerts when a position becomes available to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities.

That’s why it’s so important to add all of your information on your personal profile page to enhance your job seeking potential.

Registration is free of charge for all our candidates/jobseekers.

Simply click https://bit.ly/3maYDgk to sign up and get started with Troop Employment today.

All jobseekers across Victoria are welcome to join our database as we help the Hospitality industry recover from Covid 19.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications are only accepted through our website. 
If applications are applied via any other website or by email, they will not be accepted or contacted 

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